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Work fast and efficiently


Avoid having to rework and excess

excavation material


Save money by maximizing working



Increased safety around the machines

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In order to be as precise as possible during excavation work, a helping worker, who ensures that the required excavation depth, excavation distance and the gradient are maintained, is generally required. The revolutionary system solution iDig allows you to forgo this! By using the latest sensor technology, the driver is informed of the current height of the bucket tip of his machine precisely up to one centimeter, so that he is able to excavate pits efficiently and quickly without any assistance!


Top technology enables top performance

iDig was developed with the goal of simplifying excavation work to a maximum and therefore possesses technology that not only impresses with its high performance but also with ease of use. Electronic sensors on the boom, dipper and bucket continuously measure their angles and transmit the data in real-time via radio to the displays in the cabin - the machine operator thus receives the correct distance to the desired digging depth.


Lightning fast installation

The sensors of the iDig system are the smallest on the market and fit inside your palm. As a result, they may be glued easily onto the machine with the help of industrial tape or can simply be screwed on. In addition, they are solar powered and transmit via radio network - thus eliminating complex and vulnerable cabling. iDig only has to be calibrated for approx. 30 minutes before the first start-up and is immediately ready for any work thereafter!


One system - many possibilities

iDig is compatible with excavators of all kinds. You also have the option to choose between different configuration levels of iDig:


iDig Classic:

The robust, simple solution! Allows parallel working to the axle, perfectly suited for e.g. Excavations, ditches, foundations or canal construction.


iDig Touch 1D:

Offers all the benefits of iDig Classic, but adds an intuitive LED display. Also allows position of grippers and drills to be displayed.


iDig Touch 2D:

Offers all the advantages of iDig Touch 1D, extends the scope of application, for example to road construction, silos, embankments or parking lots.








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