Our Safety Systems for Construction Machinery




Handling material poses danger to the operators cabin and the surrounding area due the moving elements' natural geometry and possible movement of the claw. PTLS CABIN significantly lowers the risk of an accident by adjustably limiting the movement-range of the boom and the stick towards the cabin and outwards – the machines operator thus automatically works within the necessary minimum distances!


 Logtronics MSM


During deployment, construction machinery is subject to great force. Especially weight carrying elements are under constant mechanical stress. To warrant the safety on site as well as in order to increase the durability of the machines mechanical components, the Machine Stress Monitoring system - in short MSM -  has been developed.


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 Logtronics PDS

In many industries, man and machine work side by side. Unfortunately, this not only invokes synergies, but also potential danger to humans. Every year, accidents involving work machines account for a large proportion of the total number of industrial accidents. In order to drastically reduce this risk, we have developed the Pedestrian Detection System, or PDS, specifically for working machines. Using previously installed cameras, the system autonomously recognizes whether or not there is a person around the machine and alerts the driver. Thus, the accident risk is greatly reduced.


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