Your benefits:


Automatic warning in case of stress

tolerance exceedance


Reduction of costs due to material



Perfectly adaptable to your machine


Saved data allows for transparency in

case of warranty application or accident

 During deployment, construction machinery is subject to great force. Especially weight carrying elements are under constant mechanical stress. To warrant the safety on site as well as in order to increase the durability of the machines mechanical components the Machine Stress Monitoring system - in short MSM - has been developed.

Via a previously installed Logtronics WLS sensor attached to an element experiencing high mechanical stress (i.e. on the booms suspension bolt) the MSM system registers the acting forces multiple times every second and transmits the data via CAN Bus to the control unit.

The control unit then alerts the operator and saves the collected data - including any possible exceedances of critical parameters - to its internal memory storage. The saved data can be extracted and evaluated at any time using a computer. This way, a previous operation of the machine outside of the allowed parameters can easily be determined. This information may be crucial while processing warranty-applications for mechanical wear or in case of damage to the machine.


The system can be completely adapted to your requirements:


  • Personalized display design
  • Custom values for radius, tilt behavior, mechanical stress, shutdown behavior, etc.
  • Logging behavior
  • Suspension for sensors
  • Cable harness
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