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Risk of accidents greatly reduced


Can be installed universally


Reliable Technology


Autonomous pedestrian recognition


Can be expanded modularly


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In many industries, man and machine work side by side. Unfortunately, this not only invokes synergies, but also potential danger to humans. Every year, accidents involving work machines account for a large proportion of the total number of industrial accidents. In order to drastically reduce this risk,  the Pedestrian Detection System, or PDS, has been specifically developed for working machines. Using previously installed cameras, the system autonomously recognizes whether or not there is a person around the machine and alerts the driver. Thus, the accident risk is greatly reduced.


Autonomous technology

Via cameras PDS detects whether there are people around the machine - all in real time. It is an adaptation of automotive anti-collision systems for autonomous driving and is thus derived from the latest generation of pedestrian warning systems. It does not matter if the person is moving or standing still - PDS alerts the operator reliably within a range of 15 m about people who are positioned within the surveillance arc of the camera.


Perfectly customizable

Due to the variety of working machines in various industries, we have developed PDS as a modular solution. This means that the system can be equipped with more than one camera and thus - if so desired - can even provide an effective surveillance arc of ​​360°.


No additional accessories

Other systems require that persons to be identified must be equipped with a separate device in order to even be recognized by the system. Not so with PDS - by implementing the most advanced pedestrian detection technology available on the market, this solution recognizes  every person within the immediate area of ​​the machine - realiably and autonomously!


Hydraulic shutdown

On request, PDS can also be supplemented with a hydraulic shut-off or CAN Bus shut off. In case of a registered collision alarm, the system will then automatically shut off the machines hydraulics faster than any human would be able to react.



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