Your benefits:


Modular CAN Bus design


Easy installation and operation


All vehicle related information at a glance


Highest safety-standard with redundant

sensors, including plausibility-check


High level of adaptability

PTLS OnRail has been specifically designed for deployment on construction-machines using a railway-chassis. It offers all the advantages of the OffRail-system, but adds additional safety-features and ships with a standard 4,2” touchscreen on which the machines operator can conveniently check all important parameters.


Highest safety standards

Construction work on railroad networks can push man and machine to their limits. As a reliable partner, PTLS OnRail ensures a safe work environment and offers you the highest standard of safety! All sensors are redundant and verify the gained sensory data on plausibility.  This way, the system assures that not only the boom-elements, but the chassis as a whole work under safe parameters.


Simple operation

Thanks to a 4,2” touchscreen, the system can be easily operated from within the operators cabin. Moreover, at all times the screen displays vital information to the operator, like movement speed and maximum height.


One system, near endless possibilities

Like all our systems, PTLS OnRail offers a very high degree of adaptability! We know that no two railway-construction-machines are alike – that is why the system can be customized to any kind of machinery. Thanks to its modular CAN Bus design, additional sensors or actuating elements may be installed without a problem – any changes are easily, and most importantly efficiently, accounted for by updating the control-unit’s firmware. Moreover, the client may choose the design and the information content of the display. This way, you can completely configure the system to your requirements!



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