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Specifically designed wheel-load-



Autonomous throttle or stoppage of



Simple operation and installation


Construction-machinery using a railway-chassis are especially prone to accidents caused by failing stability. To minimize this threat Logtronics offers a specially designed wheel-load-measurement-system named PTLS WLS. Four individual sensors measure the contact-pressure of each wheel and throttle or stop the boom-elements if needed – much quicker than any human would be able to react!


State of the art sensors

Sensors located in the chassis ensure that the machine is always stable. If a certain movement would result in instability – and thus in tipping over the machine – PTLS OnRail shuts down the movement autonomously and thereafter restricts the machine operators available maneuvers to those that would lead to renewed stability.

PTLS WLS can be used as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with PTLS OnRail.



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