Hub- und Auslagebegrenzung für Industrie- und Umschlagbagger


Your benefits:


Minimized risk of accidents


Efficient working while saving money


High level of user-friendliness and



Fits all machines – regardless of type and



Quick installation


Easy maintenance




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Handling material poses danger to the operators cabin and surrounding area due to the natural geometry of the moving elements and possible movement of the claw. PTLS CABIN significantly lowers the risk of an accident by adjustably limiting the movement-range of the boom and the stick towards the cabin and outwards – the machines operator thus automatically works within the necessary minimum distances!


Safety at the touch of a button

With the simple press of a button, located on a console inside the cabin, the operator can define the movement-limits for boom and stick – the system does the rest! That way the operator is able to concentrate on his work without having to pay too much attention to the required safety minimum distances! This ensures that personnel do not get hurt and that no machinery or other vehicles are damaged!


Fully digital

The system operates fully digital and offers the highest level of safety available on the market! The movements of the boom and stick are shut off smoothly by 4 proportional-valves – no matter how fast the operator executes the maneuver. Thus the machines components are protected from unnecessary wear and handled material is not lost.


Flexibility without limits

The system can be installed universally into all existing types of machinery from every manufacturer. Moreover, it is compatible with any tools that might be attached. By being able to easily vary the movement-range-limits, your machine can be deployed under many different circumstances.


Simple maintenance, straightforward working

Contact-free sensors and a simple maintenance-program guarantee a hassle free and most importantly efficient workflow. This saves time and money! Naturally Logtronics offers remote- or on-site-support. Configuring the system can easily be done via a Notebook – the required data-cable is already included!



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