Our Products

Logtronics offers tailored systems as well as a wide portfolio of universally employable products – that is why we have the right solution for any demand!

Safety Systems for
Construction Machinery

To guarantee the safety of the workers, as well as to prevent damage to the environment and machinery, safety-systems that support the operator on a daily basis are required. This is where our systems come into play!

Railway Construction Machinery

Excavation- and crane-work on railways presents a difficult challenge: while observing the usual safety-measures, special attention has to be payed to the specific infrastructure (i.e. aerial wires). This is where our systems assist the machine’s operator in his daily work.


In order to also meet the requirements of machine-manufacturers, we are able to integrate our systems perfectly into those of the respective excavator-, or crane-system – starting with the smallest screw and cable up towards the sensors – everything is customizable! Through this our products gain a special kind of variability while the increased safety remains standard!

Construction Site 4.0

Ongoing globilization increases the pressure on the construction industry. Implementing digital systems helps you to increase your overall productivity, work quality and planning security.

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